The Machine Features

  • Unique Design

    960 x 540 resolution, with a 5.5 inches screen. Using IPS technology, visible angle range is now 178° with suitable broadness and a capacitive multi touch screen.

  • Performance

    Stable performance, with the ability to run 10 apps concurrently.

  • Powerful Battery

    Super endurance (Battery Life) 7.4V/5200mAh. Continuously able to work for more than 48 hours.

  • High Speed Printing

    58mm line thermal printer, low noise, energy saving 75mm/second, with a sharper font. Roll diameter: 40mm printing for more than 5000 orders (under full power).

  • Connectivity

    Full network coverage, able to automatically switch whenever and wherever possible to receive orders.

  • Loud speaker 1W

    Clear systems tone in a noisy environment, up to 90dB.

  • High Sensitive Camera

    Quickly identify any QR code within 0.7 seconds. Designed for scanning QR codes on smartphones as well.

  • High Durability

    It features a high-class appearance and an inseparable and firm internal structure.